10 ways to say “no children” at your wedding

no children at wedding

If you choose not to invite children to your wedding, we suggest making this clear on your wedding invitations. Simply addressing your invitations to adults only and hoping that they take the hint is a little too risky, as guests might assume their kids are still invited. So, here are 10 polite ways to say “no children” on your wedding invitations.


Whilst we love your little ones, we have decided to make our special day adults-only.


We love your kids, but thought you might want the night off. Book a sitter and dust off those dancing shoes.


We’d be delighted to see children at our ceremony, however we are unable to accommodate them at our reception.


Although we love your kids, our reception is an adult only affair.


We’d love our guests to have a good time without worrying about little eyes and ears, so we politely request no children.


We love your kids but thought you might like a night off. Adults only please!


We respectfully ask that our special day be adults only.


We are only able to accommodate children of close family, who are named on the invitation. Thank you for your understanding.


As much as we’d love to invite your little ones, we’re unable to extend this invitation to children due to limited space. 


Our reception is an adult-only affair.

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no children at wedding



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