Bespoke Design Service: 5 benefits of choosing bespoke!

bespoke design service

Whilst we have a fabulous house collection of designs which our couples can choose from, there are certainly benefits of having a bespoke design created just for you.

1. ‘Unique’ is not just a buzz word

First and foremost, your relationship is unique and your wedding invitations should be too! Whether you’re thinking of going a little quirky or hitting up the latest trends, your style is yours and one-of-a-kind. Going bespoke allows you to create your dream wedding stationery based on your own inspiration and style.  Remember that your wedding invitations are your guests’ first glimpse into your big day (as well as a lovely keepsake), so get them excited with something a little bit special, and more importantly, uniquely you.

2. Dream big and get creative

Whilst you may have a particular style in mind for your wedding day, there’s always room to get your ‘creative juices’ flowing! Going bespoke allows you to dream big and have us create something truly unique that tells your story. For example, you might want nautical themed wedding invitations because your fiancé popped the question on a boat. Or you might want jungle-themed wedding stationery because you met your fiancé on a safari ride in Tanzania. Whatever your chosen theme, your designer will have the experience and skills to help bring your ideas to life and add that extra bit of pizazz to your wedding stationery!

3. Time is of the essence

Wedding planning can be stressful and time consuming, so it’s important to delegate to experts where possible! If choosing the right paper thickness, envelope colors, fonts, lettering and wax seals seems a little overwhelming, a stationery designer can bring your ideas to life and take care of those details for you.

4. Etiquette

Believe it or not, there are many rules surrounding wedding invitations. These can relate to the wording on your invitations, when to send out your save the dates and invitations, how many invitations are needed, what information to include on your details card, and so forth. A bespoke wedding stationery designer can help guide you through this – whether you wish to follow, bend or break these ‘rules’.

5. Excellence & execution

You may not realise, but a lot of time and work goes into wedding invitations. At the end of the day, quality stationery is all about the little details (think card stock, print methods, materials, fonts and colour scheme to name a few) – your designer will look after all these details for you and provide you options along the way to achieve your perfect paper.

If, once you start looking at invitations, you find yourself fancying a few different designs, try to identify what you love about each one – this will help you narrow it down and help your designer create something bespoke for you which combines different elements of your favourite designs.


If you love our design style and would like us to create something truly unique that tells your story, we would love to work with you! Please fill out our bespoke design enquiry form and we will get back to you with a proposal and pricing.

bespoke design service



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