Wedding Stationery Trends

As 2018 comes to an end, we thought we’d share our favourite wedding stationery trends of the year and predictions for 2019!

Vellum Invitations

Undoubtedly one of our favourite styles at the minute and top selling collections this year. If you want to add a luxe layer of dimension to your invitations, try doing so with a rich, translucent vellum overlay. It has a particular way of adding that extra bit of special to your invitation suite! Or, if you’re after a more minimal look, single-layered vellum invitations with hot foil or white ink might be your jam!

Deckled Edges

To us, deckled edges exude uniqueness, romance and class. Deckled edges can work on any part of a wedding stationery suite – but our absolute favourite are place cards. Deckled edges add an old-world charm to your place cards by adding textured, frayed edges. Go one step further and add gold leaf or paint to those edges! These are such a pretty addition to your wedding table décor and can even be used as favour tags.

Acrylic Invitations

Modern. Minimal. Trendy. There seems to be a few reasons why using transparent acrylic has taken off this year. Whether using it for save the dates, invitations, menus or seating plans, it offers a blank canvas for classic methods such as foil printing or calligraphy, yet in a chic-modern way. Just take a look at our Instagram feed and you’ll get the picture!

Hot Foil Invitations

Hot foiling is by no means a new trend, but as the saying goes, “heroes are remembered but legends never die”. Foil printing has earned ‘legend status’ in the wedding stationary game, and with good reason. There’s no simpler way to add a touch of luxe to your paper, and whilst the rose gold foil obsession continues with no signs of slowing down, we’re also seeing a lot more gold and silver lately!


Unsurprisingly, geometric designs are always popular with couples looking to create a classic yet trendy invitation suite. By adding a minimal twist on lines, colours and shapes, take your guests back to the Roaring 20’s with some art-deco inspired patterns on your paper. This style also goes well with other decorative trends many weddings are seeing these days, such as glass terrariums and geometric ring boxes.

Personalised Wax Seals

Some people tend to think there’s been a resurgence since ‘royal wedding fever’ took over, however in our opinion, personalised wax seals are simply a trend which never dies. Dating back many centuries, wax seals were originally used to authenticate documents and for proof of identity. Nowadays, it serves as a classic yet bespoke way to personalise wedding invitations, by ordering wax seals with a symbol, initials or any personalised monogram. Simply exquisite, and very pretty.

Marble Wedding Stationery

Marble continues to stay trendy, and as it always has, exudes luxury and polish. Take a look at our Instagram feed to see how many comments we’ve had from the lovely brides out there! Whether you wish to incorporate some colour, or maintain a more minimal feel of whites, greys and blacks, we are absolutely obsessed with marble.  For perfection, we’d suggest adding a touch of rose gold, or gold foil to give it even more (if that’s possible?) opulence!


As more and more couples are choosing to celebrate their special day at a destination location, why not use the unique geography you’ve chosen for your wedding day to personalise your stationery? Your map illustration can be as minimal or intricate as you choose (the wedding town, surrounding towns, or just major cities). One of our recent bespoke designs involved creating a minimal map of Italy, marking out the small town of Sorrento where the couple’s wedding took place.  Not long ago we also created a ‘Where in the world are you sitting?’ seating chart for a couple who adored travelling together. Each table was identified by one of the couples’ favourite cities, which was marked on the map. Personal and beautiful – this was one of our favourite stationery pieces of all time!


Wedding invitations have typically been rectangular card and has been for years. This may be why card shapes are trending nowadays as couples are starting to think ‘outside the box’, literally! Rounded edges and circle cuts seem to be becoming all the more popular, with circular menus being one of the biggest trends we’ve seen in 2018.

Envelope Liners

Another way to add a little stylish flair to your wedding invitation is with envelope liners. Typically coming in different texture, colors, shapes or patterns.  Adding liners to your envelopes can create a lovely contrast to the invitation, or bring out a particular theme. We find bold envelope liners tend to go well with a minimal or sleek paper design, or vice versa!

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